Conewago Creek Conservation Initiative

A symposium titled "Anatomy of a Conservation Partnership for Integrated Watershed Restoration" broadcasted live from the International Soil and Water Conservation Society 66th Conference in Washington, DC.

The approach and partner perspectives for the Conewago Creek Initiative, an integrated watershed approach underway in the Pennsylvania portion of the Susquehanna Basin is discussed and  features:

Introduction to the Initiative and the Watershed including approach, goals, partnership overview, desired outcomes.—Matt Royer, Penn State Extension

Federal Partner Role and New Paradigms for Conservation, Value of targeted initiatives for NRCS  the assets  intensive localized efforts provide for federal conservation priorities—Dan Dostie, PA Natural Resources Conservation Service

People Measuring and monitoring human dimensions – current attitudes and future attitudes, Differences between ag and non-ag residents—Kathy Brasier, Penn State Extension.

Practices Current practices and anticipated practices, Moving from agriculture-focus BMPs to whole community BMPs in all sectors—Mike Hubler, Dauphin County Conservation District

Monitoring Guidance from STAC on moving Bay-monitoring from tidal zone to small watersheds.  Utilizing existing data while developing plans for obtaining the best possible data  Monitoring that captures practices and locations of BMPs—Mike Langland, USGS

Critical Audiences  Youth as a critical audience for current engagement and future resource management Innovations for reaching youth and integrating them into project—Jennifer Fetter, Penn State Extension

The Conewago Creek Collaborative Initiative ( is one of the three USDA designated “Showcase Watersheds” and was selected because of the high level of coordination and collaboration underway between the community, agencies and organizations that seek to improve local water quality and decrease the loads of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment stemming from cumulative land practices.