Conservation Innovations on Pennsylvania's Working Lands: The CIG Showcase

Ag Progress Days showcased projects that have been funded by the Conservation Innovation Grants (CIG) program - and researchers joined PA NRCS National and State leaders to describe what conservation innovations on Pennsylvania's working lands - farms and forests - look like.
CIG Projects in PA

CIG Projects in PA

PA NRCS State Conservationist Denise Coleman, joined by Dr. Wayne Honeycutt, NRCS’s Deputy Chief of Science & Technology and Dr. Bruce McPheron, Dean of the Penn State College of Agricultural Science, gathered with researchers at AG Progress Days 2012 to hear a lightning round of reports from Conservation Innovation Grant projects from across the Commonwealth conducted by researchers from Penn State’s Ag Sciences, Rodale Institute, and the American Chestnut Foundation in partnership with Pennsylvania’s producers.  Topics included:

  • Promoting Adoption of Innovative Conservation Cropping Systems on Livestock Farms
  • Engine and Heating Fuel from Farm Grown Crops
  • Without Carrot or Stick – Promoting BMPs on Small Dairy Farms
  • American Chestnut Restoration on Reclaimed Mine Lands and the Creation of Tools for Reforestation
  • Environmental Stewardship on Small Farms and Equine Operations
  • Innovations in Transitioning to Organic Systems

 A recording of the webinar broadcast from Ag Progress Days can be viewed at the URL below.   Because of the challenges of broadcasting from a rural venue, there are some gaps in the recording at the beginning, but the audio improves.  The introduction provided by State Conservationist Coleman was not captured in this recording, and instead it begins with the introductory comments provided by Dr. Honeycutt.


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Powerpoint from August 2012 Ag Progress Days Showcase of CIGs