The Special Topics session focuses on issues of increasing importance and significance for PA's producers - including nutrient management, organic systems, and management of vulnerable water resources.

Nutrient management has been a part of the PA producer's operations for decades. But in a changing regulatory environment where the economic and environmental drivers are often misaligned, the producer is under increasing social and regulatory pressure to reduce nutrient emissions from all farm practices. This program explores the farm-scale challenge in context with the regional scale issue of nutrient balance - and how practitioners can best look at the landscape scale for solutions or resolution.

Organic productions systems, and their growing presence and prominence in Pennsylvania's agricultural landscape and production bring new challenges and opportunities. These systems are as varied as some of the more conventional production systems, with a rules set that has increasing regulatory implications.

Riparian complexes managed at the farm scale - from groundwater and drinking water sources to ponds and lakes - add myriad dimensions for what the producer must manage to ensure safe drinking water for both humans and livestock as well as healthy streams and tributaries to larger aquatic systems.


  • Doug Beegle, Distinguished Professor of Agronomy, Penn State Crop and Soil Sciences.
  • Charlie White, Extension Associate in Sustainable Agriculture, Penn State Entomology.
  • Bryan Swistock, State Water Specialist and Extension Associate, Penn State Forest Resources
Recorded webinar

Special Topics - Agronomic Issues, Transitioning to Organic Systems, and Managing On-Farm Water Resources


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