Center for Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Management

The Center for Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Management is one of two EPA-funded centers in the Chesapeake Bay region conducting research on community-based approaches to stormwater management using green infrastructure.

About the Center

The overarching goal of the Center is to understand and influence how local and regional stormwater management decisions are made to protect and restore the Chesapeake Bay. We approach this challenge as a complex system problem involving technical, social and economic aspects.

We are interested in how decision makers understand green infrastructure and the values that green infrastructure provide—not only environmental but also aesthetic, economic, community, wildlife, educational and others—and how knowledge and understanding of these benefits and values is used in the decision-making process.

The Center involves a diverse, experienced, interdisciplinary team of researchers and specialists in social science, policy, landscape architecture, engineering, environmental economics, hydrological modeling, and community outreach and engagement.  The integrated research projects will explore cognitive barriers to adoption of green infrastructure by decision makers, use visualization tools to communicate green design, investigate and quantify the non-hydrological benefits of green infrastructure, and seek opportunities to incorporate improved hydrological modeling for water quality benefits into decision making.

The target area of the Center’s research is the Lower Susquehanna region in southcentral Pennsylvania, characterized by high pollutant loads and the pressures of population growth and land conversion. 

The AEC is leading the stakeholder and community outreach component of the project, which includes advisory meetings with stakeholders and forums and workshops in the target region.


On June 26, 2013, the Center hosted a forum for stakeholders involved in stormwater management in the Lower Susquehanna region.  The forum was the first in a series of events that will be sponsored by the Center.

The forum provided a successful venue in which to engage local stakeholders within the target region of the Center’s research, to share research goals and objectives, and to gather invaluable information about barriers and potential solutions to greater adoption of green infrastructure in the Lower Susquehanna. Additional opportunities to engage stakeholders through conferences and workshops will be provided as the work of the Center progresses.

More about the Center

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