Science for Solutions: Sixth Seminar of Series

Posted: January 30, 2015

The Center for Nutrient Solutions presents the sixth seminar of the Science for Solutions series. "What is a Healthy Stream or Wetland Worth? Translating Ecosystem Services to Ecosystem Values, Part 2." This seminar will be presented by Rob Brooks, Professor of Geography and Ecology, and Director of Riparia at Penn State.
Rob Brooks

Rob Brooks

About this Seminar

As we seek to identify and value the benefits accrued to people from ecosystem services, one task we face is how to relate measures of ecological condition – or ecological indicators – to these services on which we place value. This seminar will explore approaches to making those translations. The focus will be on demonstrating how impacts on landscape and field-based indicators of stream, wetland, and riparian condition can be used to predict changes in the services provided to us all by healthy aquatic ecosystems, such as water-based recreation, floodwater storage, and carbon sequestration.

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This seminar series is sponsored by the Agriculture and Environment Center, Center for Nutrient Pollution Solutions, College of Agricultural Sciences, Riparia, Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment, and the Pennsylvania Water Resources Research Center.