Science for Solutions: Fourth Seminar of Series

Posted: December 8, 2014

The Center for Nutrient Solutions presented the fourth seminar of the Science for Solutions series. "What is a Healthy Stream or Wetland Worth? Translating Ecosystem Services to Ecosystem Values, Part 1." This first segment of a two-part seminar was presented by Rich Ready, Professor of Agricultural and Environmental Economics at Penn State.
Science for Solutions.

Science for Solutions.

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About this Seminar

Billions of dollars are spent each year to protect and improve the health of surface waters. What do we get in return, and what is that worth?

Healthy streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands provide services such as water supply, flood control, recreation, habitat and biodiversity. Economists have developed techniques for measuring the economic value of many of these services. This seminar reviewed these techniques, and discussed their usefulness and limitations.

This seminar was held in 319 Walker Building on December 5, 2014 from 12:15pm-1:15pm.

About the Speaker

Rich Ready is a Professor of Agricultural and Environmental Economics at Penn State University.

About this Series

The Center for Nutrient Solutions Science for Solutions seminar series will resume in the Spring, and will include the second half of this two-part presentation on "What is a Healthy Stream or Wetland Worth?" For more webinar recordings of past presentations in this series, visit the Center for Nutrient Solutions recording archives.

Webinar Recording

If you missed this presentation, watch the recorded webinar.

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This seminar series is sponsored by the Agriculture and Environment Center, Center for Nutrient Pollution Solutions, College of Agricultural Sciences, Riparia, Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment, and the Pennsylvania Water Resources Research Center.