Lauren Taneyhill

Student Intern, Summer 2010-2012.
Lauren Taneyhill

Lauren Taneyhill

Lauren Taneyhill is currently employed by the Chesapeake Research Consortium as an Environmental Management Career Development Program Staffer for the Chesapeake Bay Program. She provides staff support for the groups at the Chesapeake Bay Program that make policy-related decisions. These groups are: The Management Board, the Principles’ Staff Committee, and the Chesapeake Executive Council. Within this position, she coordinates with her supervisors to organize meetings for these 3 groups so that they can come together for discussions and deliberations on science and policy related to the Chesapeake Bay, and effectively make decisions on these issues to guide the work of the Bay Program.

She is also assigned special projects and tasks, a major one being to review, organize, distribute, and respond to comments submitted by the public on a draft of the new Chesapeake Watershed Agreement, to be signed on June 16th 2014 by the 6 watershed Governors, the Mayor of D.C., the Administrator of the EPA on behalf of the federal government, and the Chair of the Chesapeake Bay Commission. They received over 3,000 comments, and they contributed to significant revisions to the Agreement. Additionally, since it is a career development program, they have the opportunity to participate in various trainings, conferences, workshops, independent projects and volunteer activities to expand our professional skill sets.

Lauren's Penn State degree prepared her in many ways including writing, research, and data analysis. Some specific classes with Leland Glenna and Ted Alter pushed her a little more to develop her skills. She recalls that Ted’s lessons on “wicked problems,” and Chesapeake Bay issues certainly fell into this category. In general, going to college helped her develop “soft skills,” – organization, time management, multi-tasking, team work, short/long term planning, and effective communication, which would help with any job.

Her internship through Penn State with Matt Royer for the Conewago Creek Initiative ultimately led her to her current position. Through the internship, not only did she learn about the Conewago Creek watershed, but also about the Chesapeake Bay Showcase Watersheds as a whole. Lauren acquired skills such as website content management as the lead on developing the Conewago Creek Initiative’s first website. Lauren also had a taste of outreach work, making calls to Conewago Creek watershed residents about various issues and events,  and sending out flyers and postcards advertising these offerings.

Additionally, this internship directly led her to another internship during the summer between her junior & senior years. Supervisor Matt Royer had a contact at the National Wildlife Federation’s Mid-Atlantic office and was able to make that connection for her. Lauren held a dual-intern position with NWF and the Choose Clean Water Coalition. There she was connected with people who had strong ties with the EPA employees at the Chesapeake Bay Program office who are her current supervisors at her job. This was a great lesson in the power of good networking, and it started with Penn State connections.