Jessica Moldofsky

Student Intern, Summer 2013.
Jessica Moldofsky

Jessica Moldofsky

Jessica Moldofsky currently works at the Montgomery County Conservation District as an Ag Conservation Specialist. Her duties as an Ag Conservation Specialist are as follows:

  • Administer the Nutrient Management Program, the Manure Management Program, and the Ag Conservation Technical Assistance Program for Montgomery County.
  • Provide information and technical assistance to the regulated community, municipal officials and the private sector. 
  • Provide education to farmers regarding their requirements under current regulation, as well as provide farmers with improvement of ag conservation practices and manure and nutrient management. 
  • Conduct compliance inspections on farmland
  • Assist with the Farmland Preservation program 
  • Serve as an administrator for the Dirt and Gravel Road program which provides funding to improve dirt, gravel and low volume roads through environmentally sensitive maintenance. 
  • Provide education and outreach to the community

A broad array of courses at Penn State pertaining to the different fields in agriculture provided Jessica with a well-rounded base of knowledge. A solid foundation in soils was very helpful. Learning for professors that are experts in the field gave her a professional and very accurate view on the subject matter. Interactive small upper-level classes provided her with a hands-on approach to learning which is very similar to her every day work in the field of agriculture conservation.

Through her internship with the Conewago Creek Initiative, Jessica was able to interact hands-on with the agricultural sector and farmers in the community which provided me with a real-world perspective on farming in the Chesapeake Bay region. She was also able to be boots-on-the-ground in the ag community, planting riparian buffers, providing education outreach and collecting water monitoring data. These real hands-on experience provided invaluable learning opportunities. She was provided the opportunity to work with many different sectors and organizations which was an amazing networking opportunity.