In order to tackle this huge project, teams have been made to split up and specialize on specific tasks. These teams include all those involved in the Initiative.

Project Advisory Team

The Project Advisory Team, consisting of all of the major organizations involved in the Initiative, serves as the steering committee for the partnership.

Stewardship Development Team

The Stewardship Development Team is developing and implementing the outreach and engagement methods.  It seeks to identify, develop, and connect with points of entry and social networks in the community that will result in actual adoption of practices.

BMP Team

The BMP Team is developing and prioritizing the full suite of practices hoped to be implemented in the watershed, and determining the best methodologies for increasing adoption of those practices.

Environmental Markets Team

The Environmental Markets Team is developing the tools and resources for increasing awareness of ecosystems services and support tools for assisting landowners interested in taking advantage of environmental markets.

Monitoring Team

The Monitoring Team is developing and implementing a monitoring program for the watershed that will allow partners to measure success in meeting the environmental goals of the Initiative.