The purpose of this award is to recognize graduate students who are excelling in classroom teaching. This may include teaching/co-teaching undergraduate level courses, assisting faculty in teaching graduate level courses, preparing course materials, and grading of tests and papers.


Full-time graduate students, advised by faculty in the College of Agricultural Sciences, with classroom teaching experience.


$1,000 deposited into bursars account.

Selection Process

An award committee will be appointed by the Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Education to select the recipient.


  1. Complete the Paul Hand Award for Graduate Student Teaching Achievement Nomination Form
  2. Faculty must provide a one page nomination letter detailing the student's contribution to classroom teaching as an instructor or teaching assistant.
  3. The nomination should include no more than two additional letters supporting the nomination. Support letters could be from students and/or faculty.
  4. Individuals nominating a graduate student should send a unified pdf, containing all required components (1-3 above), to Research and Graduate Education (, by 5:00PM Thursday, January 31, 2019. Submissions that are received by the deadline will be given first consideration; late submissions will be maintained, but will be considered only if needed.
Paul Hand Award Nomination Form

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