Contact Areas

Points of contact in Administrative Services for various business functions.

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Accounting & Budgets for Admin Svcs/Dean's Office

Audits - External (DCAA, PDA, Deloitte & Touche)

Audits - Financial Officer Cash Account/Unit Audits

Audits - Internal (University Auditors)

Auxiliary Enterprises (includes Reserve Accounts)

Budgets and Accounting Admin Svcs/Dean's Office

Budget/Fund Overdrafts

Budgeting/Budget Amendments - Income, Clearing Salaries, and Other General Transfers

Budgeting/Budget Amendments - Dean's Discretionary, College Allocation Fund, Permanent Changes

Cash Advances

Cash Reports (ROCR)

Close Out of Contracts

  • Grants and Contracts Office

Consulting Reports (Faculty and Staff)

Contracts - Non Funding - Risk Management

Cost Centers/Project Assignments: EFNEP & Short Course

Cost Centers/Project Assignments: General/Federal Funds

Cost Centers/Project Assignments: World Campus

Cost Centers/Project Assignments: Miscellaneous

  • Unassigned

County Extension Financial Operations

County Extension Financial Reviews

Data Warehouse Access

Data Warehouse Connectivity or Technical Issues

Dean's Commitments

Dean's Commitments - Grant-in-Aids and Grad. Assist.

Dean's Office Budgets and Accounting

Department Administrative Issues

Departmental Accounting/FM Pro Master Accounting

Department Petty Cash Funds


EDDS Access & Security

Endowments-Budgeting and Accounting

ePay Credit Card Deposits (ROCR/RECR)

ePay Credit Card Fees Distribution

ePay Credit Card Merchant Account Setup & Access

ERS-Employee Reimbursement System Processing

Expenditures - Allowability/Appropriateness

Extension/Research Projects

Extension Mail Support - PS Extension District Offices

Faculty Activity Cards

Faculty Start Up Costs

Faculty Start Up Costs - Grant-in-Aid and Grad. Assts.

Federal Formula Funds

Federal Research Project Reporting

Fees and Rates (AD-15)

Fellowship Appointments

Financial Information Tool (FIT)

Financial Policies and Procedures

Fixed Term Reappointments Online Filemaker Program

Fleet Vehicle Request (Permanently Assigned Vehicle Forms)

Fringe Benefit Allocations

General Fund X-Coding Issues

General Funds Budgets and Expenditures

General Funds Carry-Forward

GRADS Access & Security - Graduate School

Grad Assistant Appointments


IBIS and ISIS Access & Security

IBIS Approval Paths

IBIS Cost Centers/Project Assignments: EFNEP & Short Course

IBIS Cost Centers/Project Assignments: General/Federal Funding

IBIS Cost Centers/Project Assignments: World Campus

IBIS Cost Centers/Project Assignments: Miscellaneous

IBIS Sub-Objects


IBIS Printing and Connectivity Issues

IBIS Related Software Installation

IBIS Training and Support

Indirect Cost Return/Research Incentive Funds

Inter-Departmental Charges and Credits (IDCC)

Journal Vouchers

Key Deposit Refunds

Limited Orders

Live Postage Requests

Master Accounting - FM Pro

Matching Funds (Cost Sharing)

  • Unassigned

Moving Expenses

New Faculty Start-up Costs

New Faculty Start-up Costs - Grant-in-Aid and Grad. Assts.

Ninety (90) Day Fund Termination Notices

  • Grants and Contracts Office

Pay & Effort Accounting Changes

Pay & Effort Accounting Changes: Less than 48 week academic appointments

Pay & Effort Accounting Changes: Grant-in-Aid & Grad. Assts.

Pay & Effort Accounting Changes: Post Doc Scholars & Fellowship

Pay & Effort Accounting Changes: College Salary Match Comittments

  • Unassigned

Pay & Effort Accounting Changes: Extension Multi-State Salary Comittments

Payment Clearinghouse

Payroll Issues

Personnel Assignment Forms

Petty Cash Reimbursements

Position Management

Pre-numbered Receipt Books

Program Support Funds

Purchasing Card Issues

Rates and Fees (Charge Out Rates)

Request/Redistribute Salaries

Reporting - Custom/Special Reporting Requests

Research Incentive Funds/Indirect Cost Return

Research/Extension Projects

Reserve Accounts (Auxiliary Enterprises)

Returned Checks

Salary Advances

Salary Distribution Change Requests

Salary Distribution Change Requests: Pay & Effort Accounting System Changes

Salary Distribution Change Requests: Pay & Effort Accounting System Changes (Grads)

Salary Distribution Change Requests: Pay & Effort Accounting System Changes (less than 48W academic)

Salary Distribution Change Requests: College Salary Match Committments

  • Unassigned

Salary Distribution Change Requests: Extension Multi-State Salary Comittments

Salary Increase Program

Salary Increase Program: Online Filemaker Program

Salary Savings/Release

Special Requests for Check (SRFC) Non-Travel

Special Requests for Check (SRFC) Travel Reimb.

Standing Orders

Sub-Contract Payments

Sub-Objects (IBIS)

Supplemental Salary Payments (36 week contracts) and Supplemental Salary Redistributions

Thirty-six (36) Week Contracts

Travel Advances

Tuition Distribution Changes

Unemployment Compensation Charge Distribution

Vehicle Reservation Requests