The BioRenewable Systems Major is a hands-on education in the technology, materials, best practices, and systems of the explosive-growth worlds of, bioenergy, renewables and agricultural industries. Grads take leadership roles in the bio economy for renewable energy companies, the sustainable food/fiber industry, entrepreneurial startups, and government agencies, or continue studying at graduate school.

Interest Areas
  • Plant
  • Business
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Environment, Sustainability, Nature
Target Major/Degree
Facilities, Centers, and Institutes

The primary mission of the Fabrication and Design Lab is to enhance and strengthen BioRenewable Systems Research research, teaching, and extension projects by providing a focal point for fabrication, design, and maintenance.

  • Bioproduct research and development
  • Energy companies 
  • Equipment manufacturers 
  • Wood manufacturers
  • Construction firms 
  • Conservation districts 
  • Government agencies
  • and more! 
Student Clubs and Organizations
  • Ag Advocates
  • Environmental Resource Management Society
  • Sustainable Agriculture Club
  • Penn State Pullers
  • Student Farm Club

Focus your degree with an option in Agricultural Systems Management or BioProducts