How to use Your Irrigation Water Test Kit

Before taking your water sample(s), please read all instructions carefully.

  1. Take Your Water Sample. It is important that the sample you submit to the laboratory be representative of your irrigation water supply. Collect your sample as close to the point of end use as possible. Prior to collection, allow water to run for a sufficient period of time to clean out standing water in the lines. Fill the bottle provided in the Water Test Kit and cap tightly. If you are sending a sample in your own container, use a clean, plastic container (approximately 1⁄2 quart or 2 cups required) and rinse three times with irrigation water prior to filling. If you are testing your water in order to diagnose a specific problem, special sampling procedures may be warranted. Contact the laboratory or your cooperative county extension office.
  2. Package Your Sample Bottle in the bubble wrap sleeve that came with the water test kit and place it in the white mailing box.
  3. Complete the Submission Form and Submit Payment for the test(s) you requested. If you are submitting a sample for Nurseries or Greenhouses, complete the green submission form. If you are submitting a sample for Turf Irrigation, complete the yellow submission form. Checks should be made payable to The Pennsylvania State University. Place the completed submission form and payment in the zip lock plastic bag that came with the kit and place on top of your sample bottle.
  4. Close the Sample Test Kit and Seal with Tape. Store your sample in the refrigerator until you are ready to send to the laboratory.
  5. Send Your Sample to the laboratory so that it arrives within 36 to 48 hours of sampling. It is preferable to send your sample to the laboratory early in the week rather than later so that delivery will not be delayed over the weekend. Mail your sample to:

    Agricultural Analytical Services Laboratory
    College of Agricultural Sciences
    The Pennsylvania State University
    University Park, PA 16802