Rodale Institute's Webinars

Posted: March 14, 2017

In case you can't make it to the farm, check out the webinar opportunities.

GROWING NUTRIENT DENSE VEGETABLES May 10 | 2pm-3pm.  Know the agricultural methods to increase nutrient densities of vegetables. Learn how to measure in the field and the future of growing produce for human and planetary health.

GROWING WITH HEALTHY SOIL BIOLOGY August 9 | 2pm-3pm.  Learn the details linking farming system practices to the creation or destruction of healthy soils as well as practical and easy to use tools for assessing soil health.

SOIL HEALTH & ORGANIC PRODUCTION: LESSONS LEARNED FROM FST November 8 | 2pm-3pm.  Learn about Rodale Institute's Farming Systems Trial and how it can help organic farmers improve their systems based on scientific data.