Where’s The Money: Accessing Funds for Farm Projects - Chester County

Hear from the Barcena family of Prado de Lana Sheep Farm on their successes and challenges in finding resources to support their fiber business and farm infrastructure.

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May 22, 2017, 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM

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Prado de Lana (translation Wool Meadow) is a family run sheep farm specializing in wool products from our Romney and Lincoln sheep.  Agriculture and sustainable living have always been something of importance to the Barcenas. From their organic garden to the free - range chickens, sheep were the perfect livestock for the family. Not only would this be an awesome business adventure, but it would create unforgettable memories and learning opportunities the family.

All of the sheep are grass fed on lush pastures right in the heart of Chester County, PA. Lambing happens in March and April and will be a busy and thrilling two months. Currently, they have natural colored Romney sheep ranging from taupe, to chocolate brown, to gray. and white Romney sheep, as well.   The rest of the flock consists of white and natural colored Lincoln Longwool sheep, a somewhat rare breed. Their locks are stunning for handspinning and felting.

Amanda Barcenas is interested in putting up shelter for her rams. FSA and NRCS staff will discuss what is required and whether Amanda and her husband qualify for funding through the USDA programs.

This event is in partnership with Chester County NRCS and FSA.

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