Regional Representatives

Meet PA-WAgN's Regional Representatives - women farmers coordinating PA-WAgN's network locally

The Role of PA-WAgN Representatives

Our regional representatives are women farmers in Pennsylvania who serve as mentors to members of the Pennsylvania Women’s Agricultural Network in their respective regions.  

Their contributions to the network includes: 

  • assist in the coordination of programs and projects in respective regions
  • reach out to members in their respective regions with introductory emails/mailings
  • assist PA-WAgN staff in the development of field days and workshops
  • assist in the development of relationships between PA-WAgN and agriculture-related organizations by organizing field days, sponsoring events, attending conferences and workshops as a representative of PA-WAgN, and speaking publicly in the promotion of PA-WAgN
  • assist in the recruitment of new members 

PA-WAgN Regional Representative Profiles

Laughing Oak Farm, Punxsutawny PA

Dundee Sheep Farm

Singing Creek Farm, Mount Union

Over the Moon Farm, Rebersburg PA

Hameau Farm, Belleville PA

Clan Stewart Farm, Huntingdon PA