George and Annaliese Williams Animal Science Scholarship

Consideration for this scholarship shall be given to undergraduate students of at least sophomore academic standing; whose home address of record is located in York County, Pennsylvania; who are majoring or planning to major in Animal Science and who have a demonstrated financial need for funds to meet their necessary college expenses. In the event there are no students whose home address of record is in York County in a given year, then consideration for this scholarship may also be given to students whose home address of record is in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. First preference shall be given to eligible recipients who have demonstrated outstanding academic success. Donors' preference that the minimum scholarship amount awarded to a student be at least $1,000 per year. Awards higher than $1,000 per year may be made at the discretion by the individual and/or committee appointed by the administrative officer in the respective academic unit that is in charge of awarding this scholarship. *DEMONSTRATED FINANCIAL NEED REQUIRED