Alpha Zeta Can Be a Home For You!

Posted: December 19, 2016

Alpha Zeta offers many opportunities within the agricultural industry and is seeking members for spring semester recruitment.

Alpha Zeta (AZ) is an honorary, professional, co-ed, agricultural fraternity located across Burrowes Road from West Halls, beside Rec Hall. Alpha Zeta has much to offer students in the College of Agricultural Sciences and is seeking members for spring semester recruitment. Founded in 1897 at Ohio State University, Alpha Zeta is the first and oldest collegiate society for agriculture. Today, Alpha Zeta has more than 115,000 alumni and more than 3,000 student members at 74 universities.

So why would you want to join The Morrill Chapter of Alpha Zeta at Penn State University? Alpha Zeta offers friendships that will last a life time and has a large network of alumni representing multiple aspects of the agricultural industry. Alpha Zeta members stay highly active in the College of Agricultural Sciences and current members hold many officer positions within other clubs in the college. AZ participates in THON and will have two dancers in this year's THON. Community service is another opportunity. Members volunteer at local animal shelters, participate at the Arboretum pumpkin festival and are involved in other service projects. AZ also participates in IM sports such as soccer, football, volleyball, and dodge ball.

If you are looking to advance your college experience to the next level and get more involved in the agricultural industry then Alpha Zeta is the place for you! We welcome anyone interested in checking out the house and learning more about the opportunities Alpha Zeta has to offer. Feel free to stop by the house any time or contact one of our officers via the emails listed below. From everyone at Alpha Zeta, have a great spring semester, and we hope to hear from many of you!


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