Faculty/Staff FAQ

Look here for more information about utilizing the site to assist students and advertise opportunities.

If you are helping students navigate the site and search for opportunities...

How does a student view an employment posting in the table?

Click on the job title in the table to see a detailed description of the position. There are also options to either print and/or e-mail the position.

How long are positions posted?

Positions are posted until the application deadline. If the position does not have a specific deadline, then it will read "until filled" and will be listed for approximately 60 days.

How does a student apply for a position that he or she is interested in?

If the student would like to pursue a position and apply for it, he or she must follow the instructions provided in the posting. Instructions will usually direct the student to an online application or to contact a company staff member. It is the employers' responsibility to follow up with the student's application.

Can a student submit his or her resume to this website?

Yes, current students and alumni can upload résumés on the AgSci Career Network.




If you would like to advertise an opportunity to students...

What happens once I submit my position?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your position information. Once your position is reviewed by the site manager, it will be viewable and accessible for students to view.

How long will my position be posted online?

Your position will remain active and viewable to students until the application deadline listed in the posting. If there is no application deadline listed, the position will be posted for 60 days.

What if I need to edit or update my submitted position?

The best way to edit or update your position is to contact and send changes to Erin Mullen,, (814).865.7522.

How will I know who is interested in applying for my position?

It is the students' responsibility to pursue opportunities that they are interested in applying for. Students are directed to follow the application instructions provided in the posting. Please be sure to provide accurate instructions and contact information for your organization.