Change of Campus - From Commonwealth Campus to University Park

All students who begin their studies at a Penn State campus are expected to complete their first two years at that campus. In general, students enroll at their starting campus until reaching fifth-semester standing, as long as the campus can continue to provide a viable academic schedule of classes.

Students enrolled in the College of Agricultural Sciences typically follow this "2+2 Plan." Sophomore students should communicate with their academic advisers to determine the semester in which the transition will take place. For most students, this will be the fall semester of the junior year. The transition is generally an automatic process that is initiated by the student achieving the appropriate number of credits. However, students should take the initiative to confirm their transition semester and to take any needed action to secure housing, create a University Park schedule of classes, and discuss academic majors with University Park academic program coordinators.

Students often have questions about making the transition to University Park prior to reaching fifth-semester standing. These requests are evaluated in two ways:  (1) by designated administrators at the campus where the student is currently enrolled and (2)  by academic program coordinators and administrators at University Park.

To initiate a request for an early change of campus, the student should meet with his/her academic adviser to discuss the reason for the request. The student can then make a formal request through the early change of campus contact at the current campus. The contact person will evaluate the request and determine if the early change is warranted. If so, the request is forwarded to University Park for evaluation. If the change is not approved, the campus contact will notify the student.

University Park staff are notified of all requests for early change of campus forwarded by campus contacts and work with academic program coordinators to make a final decision. Decisions are based on many factors including, but not limited to, the reason for the request, the availability of required courses at the current campus, academic performance, and the ability of the student to make normal academic progress toward his/her intended major at the current campus. Making these decisions is a very thoughtful and researched process, and it is not based solely on intended major.

Any questions regarding change of campus can be directed to Jenneth Layaou, coordinator for campus enrollment and retention.