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Transportation and food production systems are undergoing a revolution in the areas of robotics, automation, data-based decision-making, and mapping. These innovations promise fundamental changes in crop selection, harvesting practices, agricultural employment, food safety, and production efficiency. Likely changes in the coming decades – based on automation and data-intensive farming practices - may even dwarf all technological growth that has occurred in agricultural systems since the start of mechanization within agriculture over the previous 150 years.

Council on Agricultural Innovation Scientific, Ethical, Legal, Social Issues (CAI -SELSI)

To grow more food we need accurate and rapid diagnosis of the infectious diseases that annually claim 40% of the global food supply. Here we will use cheap and affordable sequencing technology to enable food growers to have a rapid diagnosis of pathogens in real time

The Gender, Agriculture, Energy, and Environment Initiative is a network of interdisciplinary scholars and researchers that initiate and respond to the new opportunities for research, instruction, and evidence-based outreach that address the intersections of gender with agricultural and environmental sciences.