10/7/2013 AGENDA Planning Meeting

The goals for our planning process include: 

  • outlining an Annual Calendar for the museum
  • developing an Action Plan of short and longer term projects for each of several areas of focus for the work of the museum
  • develop working committees to undertake the work of the projects identified in the planning process
  • identify connections to PSU Strategic Planning Process, and eventually produce a document to include in the College of Agricultural Sciences strategic plan

Small group discussions will break out into the following focus areas:

  • Programming
  • Volunteer Recruiting and Training
  • Fund Raising
  • Silent Auction
  • Collections Management and Exhibits
  • Publicity


Welcome and overview of planning process to date (5 min)

Break out groups (30 min):

  • Expand on ideas generated thus far
  • Add milestones to annual, short, and long term calendars

Report out BIG ideas (25 min)

Prioritize project ideas and sketch action steps (45 min)