Darwin Braund and Jerome Pasto

2008 Volunteer Recognition Award
Darwin Braund, Robert Steele and Jerry Pasto

Darwin Braund, Robert Steele and Jerry Pasto

Dr. Darwin G. Braund ('56) and Dr. Jerome K. Pasto received the 2008 Volunteer Recognition Award at the ninth annual meeting of the Pasto Agricultural Museum.

The award was presented to Dr. Braund for his passion and knowledge of agricultural items essential to expand the museum collection to its present size of over twelve hundred antiques, his financial commitment and personal donation of numerous items both helping to assure the future of the museum, and for his leadership in establishing the volunteer infrastructure necessary to enable the museum to function for the past decade and beyond.

The award was presented to Dr. Pasto, for whom the Museum was named, for his vision to imagine a museum to honor the field of past agricultural accomplishments and his continuing guidance and financial support for more than thirty years to help bring the museum to reality for young and old alike. (Article: PSU Prof Tied to Homeland).