Other Collections in the College of Agricultural Sciences

These are some of the other collections affiliated with the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences

The Arboretum at Penn State
The mission of the Arboretum is to engage the academic strengths of the University in promoting scholarship and education about plants and their history and importance on earth.

Armsby Calorimeter Museum
located off Curtin Road, between Patterson and Armsby Buildings
first respiration calorimeter at PSU, built in 1902, became a museum in 1969

E. coli Reference Center
a part of Animal Diagnostic Laboratory in the Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences. This is an AAVLD (American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians) accredited laboratory.  It is the largest repository for E. coli strains in America. It holds more than 70,000 strains collected over the last 50 years from animals, humans, birds and environment. Characteristics of each strain are well documented in our database and can be retrieved easily. The collection can be utilized for epidemiological studies, antimicrobial resistance over the years, relatedness between strains and for molecular tracking.
Phone: 814-863-2630

ESM Bird and Mammal Collection
Department of Ecosystem Science and Management Penn State University

Frost Entomological Museum
(located in Headhouse III, Curtin Road between Shortlidge and Bigler Roads, across from Food Science and the Creamery),

Fusarium Research Center collections

Ichthyology Collection
(located at the Russell Larson Research Center, this extensive fish collection includes numerous type species)

Mascaro-Steiniger Turfgrass Museum
(Landscape Management Research Center off Orchard Road),

Penn State Herbarium (PAC)
includes the entire Forestry School herbarium that came to University Park from Mont Alto in 2010.
(113 Whitmore Lab, now includes the entire Forestry School herbarium that came to University Park from Mont Alto in 2010)

Wood Collection at Penn State
(thousands of species of wood that have been curated at Penn State for over a century)

International Verticillium Culture Collection
a culture collections in PPEM

The Mushroom Culture Collection

Mushroom Spawn Lab

Mushroom Research Center (MRC)

Other centers:

Plant Disease Clinic

Turfgrass Disease Clinic

Computational Epidemiology & Aerobiology Lab

Hildebrandt Library

Buckhout Laboratory