Hey! There's Science in My Ice Cream

Chocoalte chip? Blueberry swirl? What do you like in your ice cream? Even if you are a plain vanilla ice cream lover -- we'd all love to know what really goes into our ice cream!

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November 6, 2016, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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Visit with the faculty researchers in the Animal Science and Food Science Departments in the College of Agricultural Sciences to understand how your ice cream gets from cow to cone. Answer questions like: If a key ingredient is salt, why doesn't ice cream taste salty? Why do some ice creams feel gritty, and others so very smooth on my tongue? How can I put in my favorite flavor suggestion into the PSU Creamery for consideration? How many gallons of milk does a cow produce in a day? Why do some cows make better milk for ice cream - and it's not about brown cows making chocolate flavored milk!

We'll be churning fresh Creamery-style ice cream and scooping it out for visitors. Crafts and activities the engage the whole family! Live music!

We'll have the newest addition to our volunteer staff, the fiberglass milking cow, who will finally be named! Join us for the big announcement at 3 pm. And take a selfie with her to post on our facebook site. Suggest a name here

All are welcome! Voluntary donation $5, members FREE.