Project Outputs

A 30-acre field at the Penn State Russel E. Larson Agronomy Research Farm began transition to certified organic production in 2012 for this project.
Cultivating soybeans in summer 2014.

Cultivating soybeans in summer 2014.

In the context of a corn silage - soybean - winter wheat crop rotation, we are investigating the effects of cover crop diversity on a suite of ecosystem services. Cover crops are established at two points in the 3-year crop rotation: after winter wheat and after corn silage. Selected cover crop treatments from the research station experiment are also undergoing further testing by farmer collaborators to learn more about performance and management constraints. These sites also serve as convenient locations for farmer learning network activities.

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This is a one-page summary of the activities of the project. Contact us if you have any questions!

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This plot map can give you a sense of the project layout at the Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center.

In this video, farmers in our project explain why they are using cover crops in general and mixtures in particular

In this video, our farmer collaborators reflect on whether cover crop mixtures are cost effective and why