Forest Science

Pittsburgh native Celine Colbert, a senior majoring in Forest Science (Management option), investigated what would happen in a ponderosa pine forest outside of Camp Navajo, Ariz., if it was thinned, control-burned or both.

Penn State student Celine Colbert spent last summer in the West assisting with research that may help to prevent severe wildfires.

Last summer Forest Science major Brian Crooks conducted forest fire research in the Sierra National Forest of California.

After studying wildfire in a year-long independent research project, Brian Crooks last summer journeyed to the West for the first time to see the effects up close in the Sierra National Forest.

Forest science major Chelsea Kyler is doing research on the effects of emerald ash borer beetles in this ash plantation on the University Park campus

Forest Science major Chelsea Kyler is conducting research in an ash tree plantation on the University Park campus, which was established years before she was born, focusing on the effects of the emerald ash borer, an invasive beetle native to Asia.

Ashlee Early, a Forest Science graduate of Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences, remembers trudging through the forest with data sheets in hand and the thick tree canopy overhead. Her coworkers a few hundred feet ahead were carrying a GPS unit and a metal detector. ...