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When setting the holiday food buffet spread, don't forget food safety (:49)
December 22, 2009
It's the holiday eating season, With Christmas potlucks, New Year's Eve parties and bowl-game celebrations everywhere. But a food-safety specialist in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences reminds you that basic rules of food safety still apply.
What's "Greener": Live or Artificial Christmas Tree?
December 18, 2009
This week, the Penn State Ag Sciences Podcast Center looks at one of the great controversies of the holiday season, and at a growing trend that captures the best of both traditions.
After the recession, what is Pennsylvania's economic forecast?
December 17, 2009
Now that the recession is nearly ended, everyone's wondering when and how the economic recovery will play out. But a recent report from economists in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences points to the Pennsylvania economic sectors and regions most likely to bounce back first.
Containerized Christmas trees blend traditional, "green" leanings (:47)
December 15, 2009
It's the controversy of the holiday season: traditional, live Christmas tree, or artificial one? A horticulturist in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences says there's a way to have the best of both options.
There's still time for Pennsylvanians to shop for lowest-cost electricity (:50)
December 8, 2009
The new year will bring a sharp rate increase for many Pennsylvania electricity users, as state-imposed rate caps expire for PPL Electric. But an energy specialist in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences says there's still time to hunt for the best deal.
Early snowfall may change locations for Pennsylvania deer, hunters (:47)
December 1, 2009
Monday's start of rifle season drew hunters to Pennsylvania's woodlands in search of game. But a wildlife specialist in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences says last month's unusual weather may have changed where the deer are.
To stuff or not to stuff? A Thanksgiving food-safety question (:47)
November 24, 2009
What would a Thanksgiving turkey be without stuffing, and what better place for that stuffing than inside the bird? But a food-safety specialist in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences says some customs are worth rethinking.
Climbing heating oil prices underscore need for alternate fuel options (:50)
November 24, 2009
The cost of heating oil is creeping up, but hasn't climbed to equal last year's high -- yet.
Marcellus Shale Summit to help commonwealth ride out natural-gas boom (:49)
November 17, 2009
After a lull, bidding and drilling for Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale natural-gas deposits have surged this year. A natural-gas summit at Penn State brought together the major players to see what's best for the state.
Penn State Extension program helps diabetics (:46)
November 10, 2009
Saturday is World Diabetes Day, highlighting a disease that has particular significance for Pennsylvania. A special program from Penn State Cooperative Extension helps diabetics to manage the factors that affect their disease.
Pennsylvania's 2009 fall foliage should be awesome
October 7, 2009
Fans of colorful autumn leaf displays can take heart: a researcher in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences says Pennsylvania's 2009 fall foliage has the potential to be outstanding.
Canning Your Recession Garden
July 13, 2009
Thanks to the recent explosion in home gardening, many people will soon have home-grown fruits and vegetables to can or freeze. But 'putting up' today's produce can be different now from the way Grandma did it.
Penn State Ag Sciences H1N1 (swine flu) Update
May 7, 2009
May 7, 2009 - Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences experts explain what the outbreak of H1N1 influenza means for pork consumers and the swine industry
Food Safety Lessons Learned
February 26, 2009
Don't Be Seduced By Seed Catalogs
February 3, 2009
Natural Gas Tax Information
January 27, 2009