INTAD 820: Spring 2017

The next offering of INTAD 820 will be in the Spring 2017 semester.

Spring 2017 INTAD 820 will be  taught by Drs. Maria Jimenez Gasco (Plant Pathology) and Melanie Miller Foster (International Agriculture).   Students should enroll for three credits.  Please note that INTAD 820 may be taken at any point in the student's degree program.

Students are advised that this course will strongly encourage international travel to Mexico over spring break, as it is essential to completing course assignments.  Please ensure that your passport will not expire before November 1, 2017 and be prepared to pay a portion of your travel expenses at the beginning of the semester.  Travel expenses to be paid by the student are estimated to be $750. 

International students are advised to check with the host country consulate regarding visa requirements.

Please contact the course instructors with questions.