INTAD 820: Spring 2013

The Spring 2013 INTAD 820 class was taught by Drs. Tom Gill, Ed Rajotte and Melanie Miller Foster, with travel to Dominican Republic.
2013 INTAD 820 Cohort at Instituto Superior de Agricultura

2013 INTAD 820 Cohort at Instituto Superior de Agricultura

Course Overview

The Spring 2013 INTAD 820 course was centered around a simulated grant proposal process.  Students were placed into multidisciplinary teams and drafted grant proposals in response to an RFP selected by the instructors.  The proposed project was required to be situated in the context of the Dominican Republic.

Students conceptualized their grant proposal early in the semester.  Later, the entire class traveled to the Dominican Republic to explore major themes of development and food security.  Upon return from the Dominican Republic, students re-conceptualized their proposed projects based on what they had learned in-country.

While the writing of the proposal framed the course, other themes - based on the interests and expertise of the instructors - included:

  • New and emerging technologies
  • Teaching methodologies for enhanced global learning

 Experiential Learning

Essential to the course was fieldwork in Dominican Republic.  Themes of the experience focused on agricultural development, agricultural education, environmental resource management, and the complex relationship with neighboring country of Haiti.