INTAD 820: Spring 2016

The Spring 2016 class of INTAD 820 was taught by Maria Jimenez-Gasco and Melanie Miller Foster with travel to Costa Rica.

Course Overview

The Spring 2016 INTAD 820 course was focused on exploring current agricultural issues from the point of view of both the natural and social sciences.  In the case of this semester, the course explored plant diseases of tropical crops from both natural and social science perspectives.

Interdisciplinary student teams developed collaboration skills by writing a grant proposal in response to a real-life request for application.  The course promoted an atmosphere of mutual respect for each discipline, as well as acknowledgement of the contributions that each discipline can make to finding solutions for complex problems. 

Experiential Learning

Essential to the course outcomes was fieldwork in Costa Rica with CATIE, the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center.  Students had the opportunity to explore the plant diseases studied during the course with researchers, extensionists and producers in the field.