Volunteers/Unpaid Individuals

Appropriate actions must be taken to protect identification by redacting the entire social security number on the copies of the clearances.


Volunteer/Unpaid Individual clearances/training are to be retained/tracked by the program for which they are volunteering/working. Individuals in charge of those programs are responsible for viewing original clearances and signing off on copies as verification they viewed the originals. Those signed copies are to be stored by the program in a locked filing cabinet for auditing and record-keeping purposes (do not send to HR unless clearances need reviewed due to record found or unless FBI Clearance was obtained through the Department of Education*see PowerPoint below).  Originals are returned to the volunteer/unpaid individual.  Please use the required tracking spreadsheet for auditing and record-keeping purposes located below.


Building a Safe Penn State: Reporting Child Abuse Training

Volunteers/Unpaid Individuals working with minors are required to complete the training prior to beginning work with minors.  On going training is required and must be completed on an annual basis.

Training is provided through The Learning Resource Network, LRN (Cornerstone OnDemand).  To complete the training please visit:

For those without Penn State Access accounts, there are several important items to note:

  • Volunteers/Unpaid Individuals and those who previously created a username and password in Skillport should not create a new account in Cornerstone. All records have been transferred over, except for passwords
  • If they remember their username, they can use the “forgot password” link to create a new password