Required Clearances/ Reporting Child Abuse Training

Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law will require all University faculty, staff, and volunteers who have direct contact with anyone under the age of 18 to obtain the following clearances prior to working with those under the age of 18, and renew the clearances every 60 months:
  1. Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Background Check (SP4-164)
  2. Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance (CY-113)
  3. Federal (FBI) Fingerprint Criminal Background Check (Criminal History Report)


Please note that these clearances are in addition to the standard background check that has already been completed by Penn State. 

New background clearance requirements, definitions, as well as instructions for obtaining the required clearances can be found on the Office of Ethics and Compliance website (link below).


Please Note:

Under this new law, there are criminal penalties when an employer, administrator, supervisor or other person responsible for employment (regardless of paid or unpaid status of individual) decisions intentionally fails to require an applicant to submit the required documentation.

Reporting Child Abuse Training (Policy AD-72)



It is the policy of Penn State University to require all University employees, volunteers, and independent contractors who in the course of their business or volunteer activity, have reasonable suspicion of child abuse, as defined by the Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law, to make a report as outlined in this policy. This does not include any confidential communications made to an attorney subject to the attorney-client privilege or a member of the clergy subject to the clergy-penitent privilege.

Training Requirements:

Penn State University will make educational communications and programs available to employees, volunteers, and independent contractors aimed at the prevention of child abuse and neglect, the recognition of the signs and symptoms of child abuse and neglect, and reporting requirements and procedures.

For complete policy information please visit:

Policy AD72 - Reporting Suspected Child Abuse  (

Clearance and Reporting Child Abuse Training Tracking/Retention