Initiate a job posting: Part-Time

How to post a part-time (wage payroll) position on Penn State's Electronic Jobs Management System (EJMS) website.

Complete Required Forms. As vacancies occur, the hiring manager or designee must complete the Request to Post (Part-time) Employee Action (EA) form from the HR Shared Service Center.  Job titles can be found here.

Forward Forms to Recruitment. After obtaining unit approvals, the hiring manager will submit the above completed form to .

When completing the form, list your unit’s Wage Payroll Processor’s name and access ID in the “Submitter” section of the form.

(*Note: If planning to advertise the position outside the University, you can complete and include the Request for External Advertising or wait until after the position has been posted.)

Next Steps.

  • Upon receiving the approved form from the Hiring Manager or designee, the Recruitment Specialist will post the position in EJMS as “Until Filled” unless given other instructions. 
  • The Recruitment Specialist will send an email to the Hiring Manger with posting confirmation and provide access to the candidate pool.

A complete process flow for part-time positions can be found here. This outlines the process from posting the position to hiring the successful candidate.

Penn State Extension has retained onboarding responsibilities for the wage payroll employee population, which is being referred to as "decentralized wage". Information can be found here.

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