Initiate a Full-Time Job Posting in WorkLion

Follow this 3-step process to create a new staff position.


JRW ImageStep 1: DEFINE THE POSITION. The position description is a critical element of the hiring process. The hiring manager begins by completing the Job Responsibilities Worksheet (JRW), which spells out the expectations of the position.

The JRW documents the primary job duties and required competencies of the position and outlines the job scope and reporting structure. It also provides the basis for the new hire's eventual performance reviews.

More information about JRWs can be found on OHR's Compensation and Classification page. For samples of existing JRWs, please contact your College of AG HR Consultant.


Request to Fill image

Step 2: COMPLETE THE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE REQUEST TO FILL FORM. The hiring manager selects the appropriate form below:

The completed form is then forwarded Admin Services' Denise Miller ( Admin Services will verify budget information, obtain necessary approvals, and return the form to the hiring manager.


WorkLion Portal image

Step 3: SUBMIT REQUEST TO POST FORM VIA THE WORKLION PORTAL. The hiring manager submits the Request to Post through the WorkLion portal.



When filling an academic position, please follow the procedures found at the following links: