Initiate a Job Posting: Full Time

How to post a full-time position on Penn State's Electronic Jobs Management System (EJMS) website.


Complete Required Forms. As vacancies occur, the hiring manager or designee must complete two forms:

  1. the Request to Post (Full-time) Employee Action (EA) form from the HR Shared Service Center, and
  2. the appropriate Request to Fill form from the College of Ag:

Forward Forms to Admin Services. The hiring manager will submit the above completed forms to Denise Miller (, 814-865-6647) in Administrative Services. (*Note: If planning to advertise the position outside the University, you can complete and include the Request for External Advertising or wait until after the position has been posted - see below.) Admin Services will verify budget information, obtain approval from the Dean’s Office, and forward the forms to the appropriate Ag HR Consultant.

Review Next Steps with HR Consultant. Upon receiving the approved forms from Admin Services, the HR Consultant will reach back to the hiring manager to review the search and hiring procedures set forth by the college. Essentially, the following will be discussed:

Await Posting of Job to EJMS. The HR Consultant will then forward the Request to Post form to HR Shared Services to post the vacancy on the website. An HR Recruiting Associate will post the job in the Electronic Job Management System (EJMS) and assist with any requested advertising. *If advertising is desired but was not requested at the time the Request to Post form was completed (above), then the hiring manager will complete the Request for External Advertising after the job has been posted.

The College of Ag procedures for filling an academic position can be found here.

The College of Ag procedures for filling a postdoctoral scholar position has be found here

A complete process flow for full-time staff positions can be found here. This outlines the process from posting the position to hiring the successful candidate.