Search For and Hire the Successful Candidate: Full-time

How to begin the search process for a full-time job that's been posted and initiate the hire.


Review Applicants. After the position has been posted, the search committee should be prepared to start reviewing applicants. It is recommended that a resume scorecard be utilized to make the review process as objective as possible. An example can be found here.

Identify Top Candidates. Once the search committee has identified a list of candidates to be interviewed, the short list should be sent to the appropriate HR Consultant. For full-time staff positions, the HR Consultant will ensure that candidates internal to Penn State are in good standing and that the candidates meet the minimum qualifications of the position. For full-time academic positions, the search procedure should be followed.

Conduct Interviews and Check References. The HR Consultant will notify the search committee chair when he/she can begin scheduling and conducting interviews. After the interviews have been concluded and the final candidate has been identified, it is the responsibility of the hiring manager and/or search committee chair to perform reference checks. A reference check sheet to utilize can be found here.

Await Salary Approval. When ready to extend an offer of employment for a full-time staff position, the hiring manager will notify the appropriate HR Consultant, who will obtain an approved salary offer from the HR Recruiting Specialist. At this time, the hiring manager will gather any additional approvals required by his/her department.

Extend Verbal Offer. The hiring manager should then make a verbal offer, indicating to the candidate that the offer is contingent upon the successful completion of the required background check(s). If the verbal offer is accepted, a tentative start date should be discussed and agreed upon, taking into consideration the time it takes for the completion of a background check. For full-time academic positions, the search procedure should be followed.

Complete Initiate Hire Form. The hiring manager or designee will then complete the appropriate EA Initiate Hire (Full-time) form and email it to his/her HR Consultant. The Consultant will review the form for accuracy and completeness before forwarding it to HR Shared Services. HR Shared Services will prepare the formal offer letter, which is a standardized letter that is signed by the Manager for Talent Acquisition. Please note, tenure-track faculty offer letters will continue to be generated and signed in the Colleges from the Dean's Office. Shared Services will also initiate the background check, schedule onboarding, and complete and process any associated HR forms.