Sick Time

Accumulated sick days provide an insurance cushion for you in the case of illness or injury.
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Sick Time


Accumulated sick days provide an insurance cushion for you in the case of illness or injury. They can be an important asset in the event of a prolonged illness or injury, insuring salary continuation during this period of absence.

Sick time can be used when you are unable to perform your duties because of illness or injury or to account for time off for an appointment with a physician, dentist, hospital, or optometrist. Every calendar year, you can use up to 40 hours of your sick time to care for a sick family member.  

If you use all of your accumulated sick time, at your option, additional absence can be charged to your accumulated vacation time, personal holiday, service days, or accrued compensatory time.

If you run out of vacation, you may be granted a leave of absence without pay in accordance with HR 16. In addition, you may qualify for Sickness and Accident Supplement, Long-Term Disability, or Family and Medical Leave (FMLA).

Accumulation Rates

100% FTE Position 

You earn 8 hours of sick time per month. There is no maximum on the number of hours you can accumulate. 

If you're in an exempt position and began exempt employment prior to October 1, 1992, you will continue on the former sick leave plan.

Technical Service

Policies affecting employees represented by a union are found in the appropriate Agreements.

HR88 Position (Annual FTE of 75% or More)

The amount of sick time earned each month is determined by multiplying your annual FTE by 8 hours. 

HR88 Position (Six-to-Eight-Months)

You accumulate sick leave during work periods only.

For more detailed information, see policy HR 88: Sick Time, Full Time Equivalent Appointments

Wage Payroll

Individuals who became eligible on or before December 31, 2014, for earned time and holiday time will continue to be eligible for such provisions provided there is no involuntary or voluntary separation from University employment or transfer into a full-time benefits eligible position. Accumulated earned time can be used to account for work time missed due to illness, vacation, etc.

See Policy HR103 Employment Conditions for Part-Time, Intermittent/Short-Term & Full-Time Student Employees for established criteria for those grandfathered under discontinued Policy HR05 prior to December 31, 2014.


With the exception of the Applied Research Lab and the University Libraries, those on full-time academic appointments do not have a defined paid sick day program – the amount of paid time off is determined by the college.