Thinking Again About Spring Break

Posted: February 28, 2013

Here's a snapshot of a few of the interesting trips Ag Sci students can take during spring break!
Sarah Erdlen poses in one of the many gorgeous locations in Costa Rica during last year's ERM Spring Break trip.

Sarah Erdlen poses in one of the many gorgeous locations in Costa Rica during last year's ERM Spring Break trip.

Spring break doesn’t have to be just another week home when you’re in Ag Sciences. Here’s a glimpse at some of the fun trips active students are taking around the country and world:

  • Dairy Science Club Trip to Ireland: Dairy Science Club gets moooving this spring break with an educational trip to Ireland, where they will learn about dairy systems and management plans in Ireland and compare them to those in the United States. Students will also get opportunities for leisure time and be able to enjoy Ireland’s beautiful scenery.
  • Animal Science Externships: Only offered to those in the the Animal Science major, the externship program offers an array of opportunities to experience a specific career field of interest for four days and participate in hands-on learning. These experiences include everything from working with a therapeutic horseback riding center to shadowing a livestock reproductive specialist.
  • CED 499C: Community, Environment, and Development majors interested in international agriculture are traveling to Brazil for twelve days, where they will look at different South American farming practices they’ve learned about this semester, all while enjoying the beautiful country of Brazil.
  • PLANET Competition: Students involved in majors offered by the Departments of Plant Science and Ecosystem Science and Management have an annual opportunity to show off their skills. In the Professional Landcare Network Competition, which will be held at Auburn this year, students from colleges and universities across the country will compete in landscape, horticulture, turfgrass, and forestry-related activities while meeting potential future employers.
  • ERM Costa Rica Environmental Study Tour: With this spring break trip, Environmental Resource Management students will look at Costa Rica’s landscape, agriculture, and wildlife, providing them with a fresh perspective on the complex interactions of humans and the environment.


Happy Spring Break!

--Frank and Arika