March 5, 2014

Summary of the Committee's regular monthly meeting.

2:00-3:00 p.m. – 331 Ag Admin. Bldg
Summary Meeting Notes

Present:  Heike Betz, Colleen Bloom, Joyce Cingel, Angela Clark, Keith Diehl, Bruce Grinder, Wendy Harter, Renee Kennedy, Erica Lutz, Elizabeth Matthiesen, Renee Miller, and (Lori Long for) Diane Yoder

Absent:    Heather Read

Review of Meeting Notes
Notes were previously distributed to all members from the February 5th meeting.  There were no corrections or additions by the committee.  The notes will be added to the SACD website.

Electing New Members for Expired Terms
Four members on the committee have their terms expire at the end of May 2014:

  • Renee Miller, AESE
  • Heike Betz, Entomology
  • Elizabeth Matthiesen, Group 3
  • Bruce Grinder, Group 4

Colleen will send a letter to the academic units, with a copy to the managers, for them to elect a new representative by the end of April.  Outgoing members in the four non-academic groups will secure the new member to replace them.  Bruce will contact the departments in his group to find a replacement.  Elizabeth Matthiesen only served one year due to the addition of this group, and has volunteered to serve again for a full term.  A letter will also be sent to her area to let them know.

Committee groups 3 & 4 were created last year in order to have the non-academic areas represented on the SACD.   Due to the Grants & Contracts office and the Graduate Education office merging, changes to the groups will have to be made.  Keith Diehl will write up an amendment to the bylaws because of the reorganization, and the committee will vote next month to approve.

Staff Laureate Guidelines
Due to changes in human resources staffing, Colleen has been assisting them with the procedure for the staff laureate nominations and awards this year.   Having found no printed guidelines, and since this award was established by the SACD, she felt there needs to be some guidelines established.  These guidelines will help when it’s time to establish the selection committee, announce the procedures for nominations, etc.  Some guidelines will be written for the committee to review and approve.  Steve Williams will be called to take pictures at the award presentation.

Staff Ombudsperson
The committee continued discussions on a staff ombudsperson.  The committee felt that it would benefit staff morale to have this available to them.  Information on the Earth & Mineral Sciences staff ombudsperson was distributed, and Colleen asked if the committee wanted to invite her to one of our meetings to see how this is handled in their unit.  An invitation will be extended to Martha Traverse, who currently serves in that position.

Staff Retreat or College-wide Event
The committee is still discussing what type of event could be planned for all staff and their families.  Maybe something on a weekend day in late September or early October when there are no football games.   Keith and Colleen attended a gathering of all SACs at PSU for an informal networking and sharing of activities/events in each area.  They will report to the committee at the next meeting.

With no further discussion, the meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.  The next meeting will be on April 16, 2014.


Colleen Bloom
SACD Chair