Research and Commercialization

Resources for faculty to explore the potential of commercializing research.

We can help you explore the potential in commercializing your research -- so that your ideas and hard work can do more to change the world.

Several innovative faculty members have licensed technologies that they have developed in the lab and some are receiving royalties. In addition, several start-up companies have formed around university-generated technologies with faculty members serving various roles in these new organizations.

A common role for faculty members is that of chief technology officer (an advisory role) while another person directs daily business operations. The university's Office of Technology Management holds several seminars and offers resources for faculty who wish to commercialize their research. These include venture incubation services to stage gate seed funding. In addition there are resources available in the college to help faculty. Some of those resources can be found on the AgScience Research - Intellectual Property and Research Commercialization page.

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