Water Insights

Water Insights is an interdisciplinary seminar series on water science, water management, and water policy sponsored by the Environment and Natural Resources Institute. Speakers include researchers, water managers, and water policy makers from Penn State, other universities, government agencies and non-governmental organizations. The series engages the University and broader community in collaborative learning and discussion about critical water challenges from local to global scales.

This seminar series is being offered both as a live seminar and webinar with recorded webinars available for viewing at a later time.

Fall 2017 Schedule
All seminars on this schedule will be held in room 504 Ag Science and Industries Building at University Park from Noon - 1:00 PM.
Access the webinar the day of the event.
(Recordings can be accessed via each talk title link)

September 26

Donnacha Doody, Programme Leader for Catchment Science Research
Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, Northern Ireland

Optimizing Phosphorus Management for the Delivery of Catchment Ecosystem Services.
Related papers: Optimizing land use for the delivery of catchment ecosystem services; and Guiding phosphorus stewardship for multiple ecosystem services

October 3

Tony Buda, Research Hydrologist

Hydrological Connectivity and Nutrient Management in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. (Previously recorded at Cornell University)

October 10

Stephanie Velegol, Senior Lecturer
Penn State Chemical Engineering

Modeling the Removal of Pathogens from a Moringa-coated Sand Filter.
(You will need to pause the background music)

October 17

Alfonso Mejia, Assistant Professor
Penn State Civil and Environmental Engineering

A network approach to the U.S. food-energy-water nexus: Role of cities in the U.S. virtual water network of commodity flows.

October 24

Tamie Veith, Agricultural Engineer

Cost-efficient selection and placement of best management practices within the upper Chesapeake Bay catchment.

October 31

Cibin Raj, Assistant Professor
Penn State Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Watershed scale analysis to develop strategies for environmentally sustainable planning.

November 7

Rachel Brennan, Associate Professor
Penn State Environmental Engineering

Food, Energy, and Water for 11 Billion People by the End of the 21st Century: How Will We Do it?

November 14

Li Li, Associate Professor
Penn State Civil and Environmental Engineering

Watershed Hydrobiogeochemical modeling for Water Quality forecasting.

November 28

Klaus Keller, Professor
Penn State Geosciences

December 5

Open Discussion