New Process to Publish Events and Files to the Extension Website
March 25, 2014
To help with consistency and best practices online, the Extension Program Leaders asked the Web Services Team to implement a new process for publishing Events and Files on the website.
Top 3 Tutorials that Every Extension Web Editor Should Read
March 25, 2014
Anyone who adds or edits content on the Extension website should read these top 3 tutorials on events, news, and best practices for writing and formatting.
Tagging News Items with Counties
March 25, 2014
On the Extension website, you can now tag your News Items so they appear in multiple counties.
Mobile Devices and the AgSci Sites: 2014 Update
March 25, 2014
In the first quarter of 2014, mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) accounted for approximately 25% of the traffic to the AgSci sites. There are some easy steps you can take to make your content more accessible to mobile devices.
Reminder to Add Extension Events to Program Websites
January 24, 2014
Follow these updated instructions to add Extension events to the Program sites instead of the County sites. Instructions include a video tutorial.
Plone Calendars: Linking to Existing Events
January 24, 2014
If an event already has a webpage, but you want to add it to your upcoming events calendar, it's important to "link" to the original event rather than duplicating a page. Watch this new video tutorial.