Sub-site Branding Standards

This article provides guidelines to determine the text of the header on AgSci Plone sites.

Top Level Domains

As detailed in the URL Standards, the goal for the college web presence is to have one site for:

  • The college
  • Each academic unit
  • Cooperative Extension

In rare cases, a center will have its own site if it is not mostly contained within an academic unit. Other previously separate sites will now be sections (or "sub-sites") of one of the parent sites.

This strategy consolidates our web presence into a smaller number of sites, which provides more information in one place for our visitors, enables sharing between sub-sites, and enhances search engine rankings.

Headers Within A Site

In most cases, the site header of the parent site is retained for the sub-sites. This lends authority to the sub-site by indicating that it is part of the college's overall web presence. It also enforces a consistent brand within the parent site.

Example of a header

Site Header

Sub-site Branding

Sub-site Title

Sub-sites are branded with the title of the sub-site above the left navigation. This allows visitors to see what section of the parent site they're viewing, while still retaining the identification of the parent site.

Subsite Title

Homepage Image Overlay

The homepage image may also be enhanced with a text "overlay" containing the site title and a short description.

Image Overlay

Site Title In Body Text

When using the "narrow image" style of homepage, the title and short description are placed within the body text of the site.

 Narrow Homepage Image