Publications and Creative Services

Our team is responsible for the planning and production of printed Penn State Extension publications and College marketing materials.

Our Services

  • Consultation
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Layout and design
  • Printer contracting
  • Review of other materials for University branding and statements
  • Coordination of distribution with the Publications Distribution Center (PDC)

Production Process Overview

  1. The author must complete the Extension Peer Review process and forward materials to the appropriate Extension Assistant Director of Programs.
  2. The author must complete the brief online Project Request Form.
  3. Ag Communications and Marketing will contact the author to discuss project details and set up a production schedule.
  4. Ag Communications and Marketing will send the author a Project Approval Form to sign and forward to the Extension Assistant Director of Programs for approval and signature.
  5. The author should send an unformatted Word document and any supporting graphics or photos to the Ag Communications and Marketing art editor () and copy editor ().
  6. Ag Communications and Marketing will coordinate copyediting, design, photography, illustration, proofreading, and printing. Authors will be provided proofs to review and approve throughout the production process.