Plone: Retrieve Saved Data From a Web Form

This document outlines the steps for retrieving the data saved in a Plone web form.

A Plone web form can be setup to save the form data for later retrieval as a file of comma separated values (csv) that can be used for other purposes.  A "Saved Data Adapter" must be setup as part of the web form.

  1. Go to the web form. You should login to Plone if you have not done so.
  2. Click on the Contents tab to view the "parts" of the form.

    PloneFormGen Saved Data 1

  3. In the Contents page, click on the "Saved Data Adapter" for your form. The icon for this part will have a green check mark and the word "FormSavedDataAdapter:" appears when you hover over this part.

    PloneFormGen Saved Data 2

  4. In your "Saved Data Adapter", click on the link to get the saved data.
    PloneFormGen Saved Data 3 
  5. Save your data to a file. (FireFox will typically save the file in your Downloads folder.)

    PloneFormGen Saved Data 4

  6. If appropriate, you can clear the saved data by pressing the Clear Saved Input button in the Saved Data Adapter.