Publications on College Web sites

Only one PDF copy of a publication should be available on the web. That publication should be located in the college's Publications Website/Database. This searchable database of publications produced in the college provides a one-stop-shop for all our publications.

If you want to add a publication to your site, please link to the existing publication in the Publications Database instead of uploading a copy of the PDF to your site. Linking to the publication on the college's site ensures that we have the most up-to-date information available to our users.

The Publications Website/Database is maintained and updated regularly by Ag Communications and Marketing. Having only one copy of each publication on the web (and located in the Publications Database) improves our Search Engine Optimization, which maximizes the findability and enhances the rankings of our content. It also keeps the web server streamlined and running faster with fewer files, making our information more accessible to our users.