Plone: Enable Subsite Navigation Within Sections

Enabling subsite navigation allows both the parent site (e.g. "Natural Gas") and the section (e.g. "Information for Landowners") to show in the left navigation. This helps the user to stay oriented within the subsite.

Adding the Subsite URL and Title Variables

The first step is to add the subsite_url and subsite_title variables within the ZMI.  To do this:

  • Go to the /manage_propertiesForm URL on the subsite (e.g.
  • Add a string variable of subsite_title, with the title of the subsite (e.g. "Natural Gas")
  • Add a string variable of subsite_url, with the URL of the subsite.  This should use the portal_url variable so we're not pasting in full URL paths (e.g. "${portal_url}/naturalgas")  Do not prepend it with "string:" as in other places in Plone.

Turning on the Subsite Navigation for a Section


If you attempt to run /enableSubsiteNav on a subsite where it is already enabled, you will receive an error message that it is already enabled.