Downloading A Presentation From SlideShare

This how-to covers downloading a presentation which has been uploaded to SlideShare. This requires a Facebook, LinkedIn, or SlideShare Account.

SlideShare is a service that allows uploading of PowerPoints for embedding in web pages, similar to a YouTube video.  You can also download these presentations as the original PowerPoint.

Creating a SlideShare account

If you don't already have a Facebook or LinkedIn account to log in, you will need to create a Slideshare account.

Downloading a Presentation

  1. Navigate to the page containing the embedded presentation
  2. Click on the presentation name below the presentation to go to the SlideShare landing page for that presentation

    SlideShare Presentation Link

  3. On the SlideShare landing page, click the "Save" button above the presentation:

    SlideShare Save Button

  4. Log in using one of the links presented, and the presentation will download as a PowerPoint file.

    SlideShare Login Links