Plone: Adding Footnotes within a page

It is occasionally necessary to add footnotes within a Plone page. This is accomplished by creating a "Footnotes" section at the end of the document, and then linking the references to that section.

You must contact the Web Services group and request the ability to add footnotes in Plone for your section of the site.

Once this is configured, these are the steps to use within the Plone editor:

  1. Create the body text
  2. Add a "Footnotes" or "References" Subheading at the end
  3. For each footnote you intend to create, add a paragraph under this subheading. For example:
     [1] Some reference, 2009
  4. Make each paragraph a "Footnote" paragraph (from the style dropdown)
  5. Highlight the [1] and superscript it using the superscript button
  6. Add a [1] at the end of the sentence where you want to create the footnote and superscript it using the superscript button
  7. Highlight this [1] and click on the "Anchor" button
  8. Choose "Footnote" from the select box on the left
  9. Click the radio button next to the [1] Some reference, 2009 footnote on the right
  10. Click OK
  11. Repeat this process for each footnote.
  12. Save the page