Plone Advanced

Find more Plone how-to resources, such as creating two columns, uploading images, adding Footnotes, and more.

Does the use of a right column make users scroll significantly more?

Managers may set a folder view to display two columns. You can use this HTML code to create two columns in the rich text editor. This article also provides the HTML to embed an image and caption with the lead image style in the rich text editor.

Enabling subsite navigation allows both the parent site (e.g. "Natural Gas") and the section (e.g. "Information for Landowners") to show in the left navigation. This helps the user to stay oriented within the subsite.

This document outlines the steps for retrieving the data saved in a Plone web form.

It is occasionally necessary to add footnotes within a Plone page. This is accomplished by creating a "Footnotes" section at the end of the document, and then linking the references to that section.

This article describes the process of adding a How-To to the IT Plone site

Only one PDF copy of a publication should be available on the web. That publication should be located in the college's Publications Website/Database. This searchable database of publications produced in the college provides a one-stop-shop for all our publications.

This how-to covers downloading a presentation which has been uploaded to SlideShare. This requires a Facebook, LinkedIn, or SlideShare Account.

Instructions for obtaining a Friends of Penn State account for individuals who are not directly affiliated with the University. A FPS account allows a person to have secure access to selected systems and services at Penn State.